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Every Monday and Friday night around 9pm Server time (on Crickhollow), Second Breakfast kin hosts a music and dance party open to all Free-peoples of Middle-earth! Monday nights they play at the Bird & Baby in Michel Delving and on Friday nights they play at the Prancing Pony in Bree! Several bands (including our own Imladris Sunset) play regular sets. Come join the fun, dance, clap, cheer, enjoy a drink and revel in the lovely music! For more specific information, please see Durgil Annestel!
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 QuendeNosse Recruitment Info

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Aran (Leader/Moderator)
Aran (Leader/Moderator)

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PostSubject: QuendeNosse Recruitment Info   Wed Nov 09, 2011 10:14 pm

Hello all prospective QuendeNosse Recruits and Current Members!!! Smile

If you've found this page, then you're in the right spot for information regarding the kinship QuendeNosse, and how to go about gaining membership.

QuendeNosse is located on the Crickhollow server of The Lord of the Rings Online MMORPG game. We were started in 2010 on the Imladris server, which closed November 2015.

QuendeNosse means Elven Family in the Quenya (Elvish) language.

Please see http://folk.uib.no/hnohf/ for more info on Quenya, if you're interested.

We are a Rank 10 all-Elven kinship. So your character must be an Elf. We do not add alternate characters who are of other races. We do have several satellite kinships where non-Elf alts and friends can join and still be within the QuendeNosse fold.

Our kinship functions as a helper group. If you don't plan on being helpful to other members when they need it then don't bother asking for membership. We work as a kind of mini-economy supplying goods and services for eachother.

We do all in-game activities such as crafting, questing, skrimishes, raids and instances. We are also very social! We try to organize at least one kinship even a month as well as participate in game festivals. Our Kinship Chat is usually pretty active and lively. Don't be afraid to jump in with the conversation. Smile

Many of our members Role Play. We encourage this, though Role Playing isn't required to maintain membership. It does help you to immerse yourself in Tolkein's world and broadens your imagination.

We also require ACTIVE members. If you do not log into a character in QuendeNosse for more than 30 days, you will be demoted from "Member" to "Recruit". If you do not return to play your character for longer than 2 months (60 days), then that character will be booted from QuendeNosse. In game mail is sent if you're booted letting you know the reason for removal in case you'd like to return after being inactive. If you will know before hand, that you'll be unable to log into the game for an extended period of time, and plan on returning, please let Nimrielen (Tur) know, so she doesn't boot you needlessly.

To seek membership, apply to any of the online Officers:

Officer List (in Alphabetical Order; and including their alternate characters also in Officer positions if applicable) You may also contact Nimrielen (Leader of QuendeNosse) for application to join.

1. Aearfin(alts: Avorlas)
2. Aerodolas
3. Amarniel
4. Amledhil(alts: Thanien, Thaladiel)
5. Anduilthiel
6. Angdail (alts: Helladriel, Sheedra, Silant)
7. Avorlas (alts: Aearfin)
8. Celthanesta(alts: Gilgariel, Lendalere, Nellidhrael)
9. Durgil(alts: Laerlas)
10. Edhelrian (alts: Nimrielen, Rianethlin)
11. Gilgariel(alts: Celthanesta, Lendalere, Nellidhrael)
12. Gwendion
13. Helladriel(alts: Angdail, Sheedra, Silant)
14. Laerlas (alts: Durgil)
15. Lendalere(alts: Gilgariel, Celthanesta, Nellidhrael)
16. Nellidhrael (alts: Gilgariel, Celthanesta, Lendalere)
17. Pederer/Pedt/Pedward
18. Rianethlin(alts: Nimrielen, Edhelrian)
19. Sheedra (alts: Angdail, Helladriel, Silant)
20. Silant (alts: Angdail, Helladriel, Sheedra)
21. Thaladiel (alts: Thanien, Amledhil)
22. Thanien (alts: Thaladiel, Amledhil)
23. Turvellin
24: Vanmoriela

We look forward to seeing some new faces in our ranks! :)Welcome to QuendeNosse!

Hiril Nimrielen Annestel, Tur of QuendeNosse

ADDITTIONAL MEMBER INFO: , written by Durgil Annestel, Caun of QuendeNosse:


If a member has a problem with another player in the kinship they can talk to an officer about it, and the officer will try to mediate a resolution. (Officer: see officer guide section 3.5.7)

If a member has a problem with an officer, they can talk to another officer that they feel comfortable with, or go directly to the kinship leader, Nimrielen, with their concerns.

Kinhouse Chests:

The kinhouse chests are usually open to all members, and are for storing:
class quest items
crafting materials
crafting crit components
crafting tools (only 1 or two of each tier per type please)
Legendary Item supplies (but usually not LI's themselves)
stacks of morale and power potions, etc.

There is also a chest containing crafting recipes, so please take a look for any that don't have a red border for you and feel free to use them.

Please do not put individual crafted items, or gear you find, into the kin chests. If you have crafted items to distribute ask in kin chat who can use them, or "Inspect" your kin mates to see what they need (this is particularly true for newer players, because they are often too shy to ask for something, but appreciate upgraded armor and weapons nonetheless). Also ask kin if they would like something in particular that you can craft.

Any member can place or remove materials from the kin chests, but please only remove what your character needs for your current level, or for your immediate crafting needs. Please do NOT remove items that you intend to use at a later time.

Kin Chat:

Kin chat is a friendly forum for advice, game information, occasional role-playing and general member communication. We don't use strong profanity or rude language in kin chat, and are respectful and supportive to other players at ALL times.

Private Chat, like custom chat channels, Fellowship chat and /tell messages have no restrictions on language, besides what all participants are comfortable with. Please ask the others present if they're OK with stronger language or topics before dropping bombs in private chat channels though.

Pick-Up Groups (Pugs):

Please remember that you are a representative of the QuendeNosse Elven kinship in public and in Pug fellowships, so please maintain a non-abusive Elven demeanor.

If you don't know something about a quest or don't understand instructions please be clear about that with the other members of the group. Most players will be patient and helpful with you, and the ones who are not can be ignored, because they're not worth your concern.

Please be patient and helpful with new players. You always have QN Kin chat to complain into , and it never helps a new player to learn more or learn faster by yelling at them or complaining about them in Fellowship chat.

Our actions in groups, fellowships and raids will create a general public impression of us, more than anything we say about ourselves, so let the public impression of us be a kin that learns well, tries hard, and is fun and helpful to have in a group.

KINSHIP AUCTIONS, written by Maerilthiel, Former Caun of QuendeNosse:

Hello kinmates!

Okay this is a long post, so please bear with me!

We would like to get kinship auctions up and running again. From time to time, a few of us have been posting items for sale and checking the Kinship Only box, but overall, participation has dwindled from what it used to be. Many of us do visit the Auction House at least once a day, sometimes more often than that; plus with New Bree having an Auctioneer there about every time we turn around, we have a lot more opportunities to browse the current auctions.

Auction Basics
A basic introduction to the auction house is given to each character during the Tour of Bree quest that the Mayor gives you. A sheet of paper with instructions on how to use the auction window shows up in your inventory as well for your future reference.

The auction window has three tabs: Auctions (for browsing, buying and bidding), Bids (to review items you have currently bid on, make adjustments, or concede), and Post (to post non-bound items from your inventory for sale). Post is mainly what we will discuss here.

Posting Items
You can post items for 4, 8, 24, or 48 hours, and you can set an opening bid (Initial Price) with or without a buyout. Items up for bidding only are sold to the highest bidder at the end of the time frame shown in the item's listing, while buyout items can be sold at any time for the specified buyout price. In LOTRO, only names of the sellers are shown, it does not tell you who purchased your item when your money arrives in the mail after it has been sold.

In between the Duration checkboxes and the Initial and Buyout Price boxes is a checkbox labeled Kinship Only. This means that anyone on our server can view the items posted, but only other kinmates will be able to bid or buyout the item. This is designated with a notation in the item listing that will say Kinship: QuendeNosse, letting everyone see that only members from QuendeNosse are able to bid on or buyout this item.

What this means for us
There are a lot of great reasons we should be posting Kinship Only auctions! You can clean out your vault, housing chests, shared storage, and inventory bags by offering items at a very attractive price to your beloved kinmates. Everyone has found really nice items that they know someone out there could use, but when they post them in kin chat there are no takers, and yet these items seem too useful to just sell to a random vendor. Well Kinship Only auctions are a good solution to that! For up to two days, all of your kinmates (on any of their alts on Imladris server) can see items that you are offering.

One particular help that Kinship Only auctions can provide is in crafting recipes. There are just hundreds of recipes out there, not to mention the ever mysterious scroll cases. There are really even too many recipes to fit in a neighborhood full of housing chests! Do you send a recipe to someone you know plays a lot, hoping they don't already have this one and will pass it along to the next person if they do? Or do you get recipes in the mail from kinmates and say, aaah I have this one already, I sure wish I knew who needed it. Well post it to Kinship Only auction! Set it for 48 hours and that way everyone can check it out and determine if it is something they can use.

We have always been - and still are - a very generous group of elves. Kinmates do not charge each other for crafting items, even for rare or legendary items. This should continue, because it is one of the things that makes us a very special group to belong to. Kinship Only auctions should reflect this. Do not over-charge each other, or try to make money off of each other. Remember we are elves and we have a much less materially-oriented perspective of things than the other races out there. Bring honor to our noble past by caring for your fellow kinmates and treating each other with respect and consideration.

One other advantage of Kinship Only auctions, is the amount saved on postage. Right now, if you mail items to each other, you are paying for the postage, as well as donating the item. If you use a Kinship Only auction, you can post the item for say 45 silver, and list a buyout for 45 silver so that you are essentially mailing it to your kinmate for free.

Now there will be a range of pricing for items, as quantities, level, and crafting tier affect the value of the item(s). So pay attention to this when you're posting items. For example... you have been deeding in Angmar and have 100 Splintered Warg Claws. Will you post the entire stack at auction for your kinmates? No way! It would be extremely expensive, not to mention the fact that no one needs 100 of those for their class quests. You can break this up into more manageable amounts to sell. Using the Splintered Warg Claws example, a good amount to divide 100 of them into is 5 groups of 20, as 20 are needed for the Champion class quest. (For reference to this, because it is so very common - see http://lotro-wiki.com/index.php/Class_Quest_Drops ).

Other Tips
Now some items are very valuable, or special in some way. Use discretion and caution before posting them! If you just found a Tome of Such-and-such, or a Worn Symbol of the Elder King, or some other item that you haven't seen before - put the item into your vault and wait. Check with officers or trusted kinmates before posting it at Kinship Only auction for 20 silver. You may have an item that you cannot use just yet, but will really need when you have leveled some more.

Good items to post at Kinship Only auction: Legendary Weapons/Items that aren't useful to you; crafting materials and crit items; outfits; armour and weapons that you have looted; crafting recipes; class quest items; crafted items you make while leveling a crafting tier; taxidermy and fishing trophies; and reputation and task items (especially for Heroes of Limlight Gorge and Riders of Stangard).

Also, until more kinmates begin to use this and check for Kinship Only auctions, your items may not sell as quickly as you hoped. Do not get discouraged! And certainly don't post something that cost you a half gold to post and get frustrated that it didn't sell in 4 hours. Post something for an amount that you would not miss if the item doesn't sell. Give items the full 48 hours to sell, and repost them if necessary to give the chance to more kinmates. Weekends seem to be more active, so Fridays are a good day to post items. For reposts, it may be to your advantage to post it the second time for twice the posting fee, to make up the difference for posting it again (if it is a significant amount).

Remember, you can look up Kinship Only auctions in the Auctions tab of the Auction window! First make sure the Unrestricted box is not checked, then check the Kinship Only box underneath it. Click Search (you do not have to have a menu category highlighted unless you want to narrow the search even more) and you will see all items listed by your kinmates in QuendeNosse.

Enjoy this tool to help redistribute useful items to your fellow elves!

Okay that was a lot to read. I wanted to cover a lot here, so I hope it has helped!
Please contact us if you have any questions about Kinship auctions and see you all soon!

Last edited by Nimrielen on Sun May 29, 2016 6:07 pm; edited 24 times in total (Reason for editing : Updated Caun list/ Kin info)
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QuendeNosse Recruitment Info
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