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 LOTRO Fashions

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Káno (300-649 posts)
Káno (300-649 posts)

Posts : 410
Lore Master Craft Mastery : Armsman (please don't laugh, I was influenced by dwarves at an early age): Prospector, Weaponsmith (Guilded), Woodworker

PostSubject: LOTRO Fashions   Sun Aug 10, 2014 4:18 pm

Valko inspired me to share a few of the fashionable outfits Lendalere is currently wearing as she adventures around Middle-earth.

This is currently Equipment. Once some dye was applied, it just looked like good battle-gear for a Champ.

As you will see, I love the detail of the dagger on these boots and they come in a variety of colors. Just one of the best things to wear into battle! This outfit started with the helmet and grew; one of my first Rohan-inspired battle outfits.

Len has always worn black. Her WarSteed is Black. Her first choice of city-horse is black. She finally popped a bit of color with the cloak and hat and that led to all the other colors.

This cloak is a MUST for any LOTRO wardrobe! It dyes well, has that interesting pattern on the back, and that v-cut into the center hem.

Even with the chain-armour sleeves and hem of this halberk, these are Lenda's dress-blues - a Champ must always be ready for battle. The golden details help bring this together: the pin on the left of the collar on the halberk, the detail on the shoulders and gloves, the emblem on the back of the cloak.
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Maethor (50-149 posts)
Maethor (50-149 posts)

Posts : 111
Hunter Craft Mastery : guilded tailor + scholar + jeweller

PostSubject: Re: LOTRO Fashions   Sun Aug 10, 2014 6:46 pm

I'm inspirational! O u O

Nice outfits Gil~
I adore the heavy armour from the second outfit. And I agree, the dagger detail is a nice touch.

What cloak is used in the third and fourth outfit? I see you wings/swan trend in the third one. The fourth one's V-cut is nice too.

Lenda looks quite dapper in her blue outfit~ Very noble in my opinion.
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Káno (300-649 posts)
Káno (300-649 posts)

Posts : 410
Lore Master Craft Mastery : Armsman (please don't laugh, I was influenced by dwarves at an early age): Prospector, Weaponsmith (Guilded), Woodworker

PostSubject: Re: LOTRO Fashions   Mon Aug 11, 2014 1:56 am

The third is the Swan-cloak. It is available from the lotro store but also has been a cosmetic drop in some festivals and from the odd lootbox.

The fourth is Ever-shadowed, a drop from Urugarth with stats to make a Burg happy but I've seen it by a few other names, as well.

One day I will have Cloak of the Ibis!
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PostSubject: Re: LOTRO Fashions   

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LOTRO Fashions
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