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 Current Issues on Crickhollow

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Maethor (50-149 posts)
Maethor (50-149 posts)

Posts : 60
Guardian Craft Mastery : Armourer

PostSubject: Current Issues on Crickhollow   Mon Jan 09, 2017 6:59 am

This is a notice that there are as yet unaddressed ongoing issues on the Crickhollow server. These issues are:
1) Not being able to go through some doors (such as the door to elrond's library)
2) Invisible barriers and spots where you rubberband back from in odd places (such as the gates of fornost) This seems to affect many regions and areas. If your access to a quest objective is blocked by a rubberbanding spot/invisible wall, you will be unable to complete the objective until this issue is fixed.
3) Not being able to get into Housing. If you have a character in your House, you will not be able to log into that character. LoTRO will display the loading screen indefinitely if you do attempt to log in on a character that is in the housing area.

Standing Stone has not yet made any announcement regarding these issues(likely because it is the weekend), however, i expect there will be downtime within the next day or two.
Other servers seem unaffected by these bugs.

Updates will follow as they appear.
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Ohtar (0-49 posts)
Ohtar (0-49 posts)

Posts : 4
Minstrel Craft Mastery : Tailor

PostSubject: Re: Current Issues on Crickhollow   Mon Jan 09, 2017 12:10 pm

Thank you Ellewar for the information.. i knew of the bounce back bug but not the housing issue. I'll be watching this topic for new information.
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Maethor (50-149 posts)
Maethor (50-149 posts)

Posts : 60
Guardian Craft Mastery : Armourer

PostSubject: Re: Current Issues on Crickhollow   Mon Jan 09, 2017 9:42 pm

The bugs seem to be gone. While i couldn't find an official statement from Standing Stone about the problems yesterday, people on the server are reporting that it seems fine. I was able to log in on a char i had in housing area, and invisible barriers/rubberbanding spots seem gone. No problems with doors either.
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PostSubject: Re: Current Issues on Crickhollow   

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Current Issues on Crickhollow
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